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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

December 21, 2006

Thanks to everyone who reads this Shiina Ringo / Tokyo Jihen blog. I hope you all have a great new year and holidays! To finish up 2006, Tokyo Jihen will be performing at COUNTDOWN JAPAN 05/06 at the end of December. We can look forward to the new solo album + single in the first quarter of 2007. I wonder what else will follow for Shiina Ringo? Anyway, here is a picture that I made that pretty much sums up how I feel about the holidays. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!


Heisei Fuzoku Tracklist

December 12, 2006

01 – Gamble (ギャンブル)
02 – Kuki (茎)
03 – Sakuran (TERRA ver.) (錯乱)
04 – Hatsukoi Shoujo (ハツコイ娼女)
05 – Papaya Mango (パパイヤマンゴー)
06 – Ishiki (意識)
07 – Yokushitsu (浴室)
08 – Meisai (迷彩)
09 – Poltergeist (ポルターガイスト)
10 – Karisome Otome (TAMEIKESANNOH ver.) (カリソメ乙女)
11 – Oiran (花魁)
12 – Yume no Ato (夢のあと)
13 – Kono Yo no Kagiri (この世の限り)

This track list popped up on Tower Records, and is now pretty much on every Japanese music site (, etc.) It seems odd how there is no symmetry (every album from Shouso Strip onwards was symmetrical). Kronekodow has now updated their website with the album details.


Shiina Ringo x SOIL&”PIMP”SESSIONS on Music Station

December 11, 2006

Shiina Ringo and SOIL&”PIMP”SESSIONS performed Karisome Otome (DEATH JAZZ ver.) on Music Station on December 8th, 2006. This was one of Shiina’s better Music Station performances – she really seems to get into it. The “ring leader” from SOIL&”PIMP”SESSIONS was also there. What exactly does he get paid to do again?

Download link (JPOPSUKI):


Kono Yo no Kagiri (この世の限り) Single Cover Released

December 8, 2006

Kono Yo no Kagiri Single Cover.

Title: Kono Yo no Kagiri
Release Date: 2007.01.17
01 – Kono Yo no Kagiri (この世の限り; The Limits of this World)
02 – Sakuran (ONKYO ver.) (錯乱; Confusion)
03 – Karisome Otome (HITOKUCHIZAKA ver.) (カリソメ乙女; Temporary Virgin)

Also, the upcoming Ringohan ’05 DVD will be entitled: ‘Dai Ikkai Ringohan Taikai no Moyo’ (第一回林檎班大会の模様). Translated, that means: The Pattern of the Very First Ringohan Convention.


Album Title Announced – 平成風俗 (Heisei Fuzoku)

December 6, 2006

Shiina Ringo’s fourth solo album’s title has been announced. It will be called 平成風俗 (Heisei Fuzoku). Heisei is the current era name in Japan. Fuzoku means manners, customs or sex service. Usually, the name implies prostitution or acts of that regard. Judging by the nature of Sakuran, I think it would be fair to say that the album’s title translation would be “Heisei Sex Service”.

There will be two versions of this album. The regular edition will cost 3,059 yen. The limited edition will cost 3,400 yen, and will include a cross-shaped special digipak, three stickers and a coaster. You better pre-order fast if you want those bonuses.

The credits of the album says that ‘Saito Neko’ has made a big contribution to the album. He was the violinist featured on the Baishou Ecstasy and ADULTS ONLY concerts. As well, he worked on Meisai, la salle de bain, Yume no Ato, Torikoshi Kurou and Sid to Hakuchumu. He also is featured on Shiina Ringo’s upcoming single, “Kono Yo no Kagiri”. Considering the nature of those songs, this album looks like it will be another musical feast from Shiina yet again.


Zazen Boys x Shiina Ringo – Kimochi (EZO 2006)

December 4, 2006

Once again, Shiina Ringo teams up with the Zazen Boys at EZO 2006. Other times they have sang this duet were on Bokura no Ongaku 2, and SOCIETY OF THE CITIZENS vol. 1. This is a great version of the song, and really has a great feeling to it.


Ringohan Live ’05 (ADULTS ONLY) DVD Tracklist

December 3, 2006

ADULTS ONLY w/ concert band.

Thanks to frecklegirl from the Ringo Jihen forums for providing the confirmed track listing to the upcoming Shiina Ringo DVD being released in February.

Matatabi Orchestra Invites Passion – Shiina Ringo x Saitou Neko
1. Kareha
2. Kabuki-cho no Joou
3. Ishiki
4. Kuki
5. Dynamite
6. La salle de bain
7. Papaya Mango
8. Yume no Ato
9. Sid to Hakuchuumu
10. Meisai
Hasegawa Kiyoshi and a World of Gentle Songs – Shiina Ringo x Hasegawa Kiyoshi + MAKI
11. Koufukuron
12. Gibusu
13. Fly me to the moon
14. Keshou Naoshi
15. Ringo no Uta
16. Omatsurisawagi
17. Haiiro no Hitomi
18. Wakare no Samba
Hasegawa Kiyoshi and Tokyo Jihen Encore – Tokyo Jihen x Hasegawa Kiyoshi
19. Rakujitsu

Looks great! Saitou Neko is the violinist whom Ringo has played with on numerous occasions. Kiyoshi Hasegawa is the male singer on the original version of Haiiro no Hitomi. MAKI is Kiyoshi Hasegawa’s granddaughter, Mika. Unlike during the original concert, the DVD will only contain one Tokyo Jihen song. This really is a showcase of Shiina Ringo’s life in music. This release is definitely something all Shiina Ringo fans should look forward to.