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Shiina Ringo + Shiina Junpei Live at CDTV & Music Station

January 22, 2007

[2007.01.21] Shiina Ringo + Shiina Junpei on CDTV

[2007.01.19] Shiina Ringo + Shiina Junpei on Music Station


Shiina Ringo ‘Konoyo no Kagiri’ Interview

January 18, 2007

Upcoming Shiina Ringo Album Promotion

January 12, 2007

[01.14] CD DATA
[01.14] WHAT’S IN
[01.19] ORICON style
[01.20] HMVmmm
[01.20] rockin’on JAPAN
[01.20] SWITCH
[01.20] TOWER
[01.24] Bessatsu Kadokawa
[01.25] NMNLmg

[01.06] ICHIRO MONDOW ~Two Chairs~ Part I
[01.19] Music Station
[01.19] TBS “Countdown TV”
[01.27] ICHIRO MONDOW ~Two Chairs~ Part II
[02.02] NHK-BS “Folk Master”
[02.17] ICHIRO MONDOW ~Two Chairs~ Part III
[03.10] ICHIRO MONDOW ~Two Chairs~ Part IV

[01~02] MTV “BUZZ ASIA” New Clip w/ Heavy Rotation (To be announced.)


‘Heisei Fuuzoku’ + ‘Dai Ikkai Ringohan Taikai no Moyo’ Cover Art Released

January 9, 2007

‘Heisei Fuuzoku’ CD Art

‘Dai Ikkai Ringohan Taikai no Moyo’ DVD Art

Both the Album + DVD is available for preorder on, CDJapan and YesAsia. A short preview for “Gamble” can be heard on the Sakuran official website intro. A low quality video clip of it is saved on YouTube [ here ].

As well, Shiina Ringo will be appearing on ICHIRO-MONDOW ~two chairs~ that will air in the first quarter of 2007.


PV – Shiina Ringo x Saito Neko + Shiina Junpei – Konoyo no Kagiri

January 2, 2007

Youtube link:
Download link here (thanks Migoto!)

Shiina continues the whole orchestral theme that her new album has been pushing. Visually, this is one of her most “exciting” PVs that she has released in a long time. Looks like the budget was extended for this one. I love the color contrast, and overall idea. The song is another single that arranges itself nicely in Shiina Ringo’s discography, almost a cross of ‘STEM’ and ‘Mayonaka wa Junketsu’ in style. Another teaser for the upcoming album, and single, that will be released in a few weeks. I want more.


Tokyo Jihen @ COUNTDOWN JAPAN 06/07

January 2, 2007

2006.12.30 Tokyo Jihen @ Tokyo MAKUHARI (Earth Stage)

2006.12.31 Tokyo Jihen @ Osaka WEST (Aurora Stage)

01 – Himitsu
02 – Kenka Joutou
03 – Marunouchi Sadistic
04 – Ringo no Uta
05 – Gunjou Biyori
06 – Oiran
07 – Mirrorball
08 – Yume no Ato
09 – Blackout
10 – Toumei Ningen

Tokyo Jihen performed at two venues at COUNTDOWN JAPAN 06/07, both at Tokyo and Osaka. Mirrorball was a new version of the song, more fast paced and ‘electronic’. Oiran is off of Shiina Ringo’s new album.