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OSCA PV release!

June 18, 2007

I *love* this track. Shiina Ringo – rather, Tokyo Jihen – emerges from their shell and explodes into vivid rock and pop music with this track. This song will be HUGE. Single is out 7/11 – preorder now!


Tokyo Jihen 3rd Album + Two Single Releases + 2007 Live Tour

June 2, 2007

Tokyo Jihen 3rd Album promotion picture.

OSCA single cover.

[2007.07.11] OSCA
01 – OSCA
02 – Pinocchio (ピノキオ)
03 – Kaban no Nakami (鞄の中身)

OSCA has been described as a fast, wild rock tune. Track 01 was composed by Ukigumo; the song was previously written for his band, The Petrolz. Track 2 was from Izawa’s band, APPA. Track 3 was composed by Izawa, but Shiina Ringo wrote the lyrics.


[2007.08.22] Killer Tune
01 – Killer Tune (キラーチューン)
03 – Karada (体)

Album to follow in the fall of 2007.
As well, there is an upcoming live tour in the fall, called ‘Spa & Treatment’. Details are on kronekodow.