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Tokyo Jihen 東京事変 – Killer Tune (キラーチューン) PV

July 30, 2007
CD Japan


Tokyo Jihen 3rd Album – “Variety” + Killer Tune single cover

July 10, 2007

Killer Tune image cover
[2007.08.22] Killer Tune
01 – Killer Tune (キラーチューン)
03 – Karada (体)

You saw this here first – the single cover image for Killer Tune. Following the style of OSCA’s single cover – Killer Tune features an almost identical setup – although, the hand holding the remote is different, presumably Izawa’s hand instead of Ukigumo’s. Speaking of OSCA, the single will be released tomorrow. The CD features a yellow and black checkerboard background, and reminds myself of a racing car flag.

As well, Tokyo Jihen has announced the title of their third album. It is called Variety, written as 『娯楽(バラエティ)』 ! The Kanji 娯楽 normally reads as Goraku which means ‘enjoyment’ or ‘pleasure’ (amusement). The album includes thirteen songs and will be released on September 26, 2007. Look forward to it!