Tokyo Jihen – Variety 娯楽(バラエティ) Review

September 24, 2007

Tokyo Jihen - Variety

Tokyo Jihen’s 3rd album, Goraku (Variety).
Track 01 – Ramp = The Show’s Opening Credits
Track 13 – Metro = The Show’s Closing Theme

And, I am not afraid to say everything in between is pure sex in my ears.
Tokyo Jihen, you guys created an amazing album that justified every cent I paid for the CD. You created new music unlike anything else in the industry, yet drawing elements from the entire scene. This is what every artist should aim to achieve.

This album is beyond exceptional. Modernizing and inspiring from older music, such as founding pop and rock songs from the 70s to Hi-NRG and eurodance, this album is a feast. The drum-and-snare insanely catchy Mirrorball, the power ballad Shiseikatsu that brings instant nostalgia to anyone, the throaty bittersweet “strapped to a guitar” Fukushuu, the beautifully crafted multi-faceted technotronic Tsukigime-hime, and oh so much more, and ahhh I am in love again with Tokyo Jihen.

I secretly had my doubts how this concept would work, but damn it, they pulled it off flawlessly.

Download Track:
Tokyo Jihen – 10 – Tsukigime-hime mp3 ( http://www.sendspace.com/file/1hbot1 )
Tokyo Jihen – 02 – Mirrorball mp3 ( http://www.sendspace.com/file/y5nbew )



  1. wow I really like this cd! honestly, i wasn’t a fan of osca or killer tune by themselves, but hearing the rest of the album puts them in their place, which is to say they frickin roxorz my soxorz off…all the tracks are solid, and i can’t wait to hear them live…i always felt TJ was more of a live band, so we’ll see how it turns out!

  2. beatiful I love your explanation haha I will add you to my favs..love your site

  3. love 私生活

  4. Nice description of the album :D. Just wondering, though, why did you choose Ramp and Metro as the test tracks? Just because they go first and last on the album?

  5. Whoops, I had seen that you had put test tracks before and when I came back to your page, I saw that you mentioned those two tracks first and I assumed they were the test tracks @_@. Sorry, about that 😀

  6. download full album


    i REALLY enjoy the album!!

  7. Since I have discovered japanese music whith HalCali, I really fall in love with their creativity, even when they always put their eyes in Europe and 70-80’s USA beats, the nippon factor dwelt in geniusness lands, and Shiina, she isn’t extremely talented, even more, she’s super sexy, for me she is the ideal woman.
    Thanks from Santiago de Chile

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