Japan loves Senkou Shoujo

December 1, 2007

Tokyo Jihen - Senkou Shoujo iTunes Japan Ranking Tokyo Jihen - Senkou Shoujo DVD Ranking
Since the debut of the Senkou Shoujo DVD (about a week and a half ago) Senkou Shoujo still remains #1 at almost all Japanese digital music retailers. The DVD also made a strong debut for a video compilation release, reaching #2 in total DVD charts beating many other artists live DVDs. As well, the YouTube Japan video for the PV is currently the #1 most watched music video for the month of November – beating other top artists. Although there is no physical audio track (besides the PV, featured on the DVD, and digital downloads) the song is gearing up to be one of the most popular Tokyo Jihen tracks. Upon why it wasn’t released on Variety is a mystery. Speaking of Variety, although the album hasn’t achieved the sales of its predecessors, weekly sales show that this album has legs – in other words, it continues to sell even long after the release date.

Senkou Shoujo was performed live on Music Station. The entire band looks great, and Shiina Ringo looks very cute. Kameda looks straight as always, and in regards to the band, they look extremely comfortable with each other. The live can be viewed here:



  1. “Kameda looks straight as always”

    Nice one. I loved how you made it sound like you were serious, good writing :D.

  2. Is the semi black power guy, ukigumo???

  3. Almost one year without news. It’s a shame, I must say.

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